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  • USA 1833-247-2729    |    India 1833-247-2729
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  • USA 1833-247-2729    |    India 1833-247-2729
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Packaging & Storage

With deeply understanding of transportation and logistics, ARC Worldwide offers custom Packaging & Storage for heavy, oversized cargo including machinery and industrial equipment. The only benefit of these services is to save your time and ensure your items arrive intact at their destination. Our packaging & storage expert's specialize in properly packaging your cargo of high -value items, including antiques, art, electronics, crystal, and etc. Our Packaging & Storage expert's usage best packaging materials ensuring protection during transportation. The best thing it's all in competitive freight charges.

Packaging & Storage

Every merchandise requires differ packaging thus; our specialized freight forwarding agents present such crating solution for your sensitive & oversized cargo to keep intact shipment up to destination. ARC Worldwide is the excel freight forwarding company for packaging of fragile things to keep away from damages.

As per storage aspect, we've allocated such equipped bonded warehouses to across the world, those are furnished with some IT tools & techniques, features such as usage of forklift, pallets rackingkeep refrain from break, scanning system, track & trace services and latest designs of freezers to keep green all temperature sensitive things.,

By providing optimal packaging & storing services in freight shipping industry, people craving for our packaging services together our freight forwarding services. Consequently, ARC Worldwide has become opt for all freight forwarding issues of the people and have been listed among in top 10 logistics companies in India and other side a leading international freight forwarder in the world.

ARC Promising Packaging & Storage Services

Take advantage of our fast worldwide delivery services with our express international shipping throughout the world.
Being a one stop logistics company throughout the world, we offer complete end to end logistic solutions to our customers.
By our Logistic Services, we help our customers to safely transport their precious belongings at their desired destinations.

Words From Partners

These guys are just the coolest company ever! They were aware of our transported for road and tail and well as complex transport services.
Magdelana Donowan CFD Engineer
Customs Clearance Services in Delhi

Industry Covered

ARC Worldwide is more than logistics.
We can also optimize your packaging, manage your materials sourcing, and so much more.

Textile Logistics

We recognize that clients in the fast moving fashion and household textile sectors require a logistics provider for packaging and storage.

Healthcare Center

Healthcare industries suffering from high costs and inefficiencies find relief by improving supply chain and logistics processes.

Chemical Factory

We recognize that the chemical sector is an essential area of business and continuous requires a logistics provider.

Automative Company

We offer a full range of logistics services for transporting vehicles from manufacturers to dealers in the destination countries with maximum reliability and safety.