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Ocean Freight mumbai

Full Container Load

ARC Worldwide Ocean Direct

ARC is a leading logistics company among all the logistics companies in mumbai as well as Worldwide. Ocean Freight Full-container-loads provided by ARC ensure a reliable, safe and cost-efficient transportation from door to door globally. By using various equipment types we offer tailored solutions for all kinds of commodities.

  • Consignee direct delivery
  • Suitable for all kinds of commodities
  • Tailored alternatives available
sea freight forwarders in Mumbai

Less than Container

ARC Worldwide Ocean Connect

By its in-house network, ARC connects your Ocean Freight Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) to any place required around the world. Arc managed your scheduled departures from door to door to ensure your deadlines and promises. We are leaders in all the logistics companies in Mumbai as well as worldwide, offers more Ocean Freight forwarding solution in mumbai.

  • 95% in-house network operation
  • Scheduled & guaranteed departures
  • National and Multi National Gateway
ocean freight forwarders in Mumbai

Conventional Load

ARC Worldwide Special

ARC Ocean Freight Conventional Load services are ideal for the transportation of oversized goods too large to fit into containers. Our specialized teams will ensure your cargo is in safe and secure hands by providing tailor-made solutions for you. We (ARC Worldwide) are one stop solutions for these types of heavy container loads freight.

  • Customized conventional load
  • Available for roll-on / roll-off cargo
  • Available for break-bulk cargo

Industry Covered

ARC Worldwide is more than logistics.
We can also optimize your packaging, manage your materials sourcing, and so much more.

Textile Logistics

We recognize that clients in the fast moving fashion and household textile sectors require a logistics provider.

Healthcare Center

Healthcare industries suffering from high costs and inefficiencies find relief by improving supply chain and logistics processes.

Chemical Factory

We recognize that the chemical sector is an essential area of business and continuous requires a logistics provider.

Automative Company

We offer a full range of logistics services for transporting vehicles from manufacturers to dealers in the destination countries with maximum reliability and safety.